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Over the weekend the fiance and I drove out to Somerset, PA to attend his cousin’s wedding, and on the way in we stopped at his grandmother, Eileen’s, house. She very graciously offered us our choice of the quilts and afghans that she has had stored in her closets for many years and I unknowingly picked out the two very best blankets with the richest history out of all the available options.

This quilt was made by Dan’s grandfather’s grandmother (as in Dan’s great-great-grandmother) and while I don’t know the exact year it was made it has to be at least seventy years old if it is a day. When you get a close-up look at the fabrics used and the hand-quilting you can really tell it was a completely different time.


We also took home a super-soft and perfectly autumn themed afghan that Eileen says was one of the very first she ever made and has been well-loved over the years. You can clearly see why, it is a great blanket and perfect for the upcoming snowy weather (fingers-crossed!).

I really wish I had the patience it takes to work in yarn so I could create something half as wonderful as this. I hope Dan and his cousins have a healthy appreciation for the readily available family heritage and great family heirlooms. We will definitely be cherishing these blankets and saving them to pass on to our own grandchildren.


So a big THANK YOU goes out to Grandma Eileen and Grandpa Dale for passing along such wonderful items. We will try our best to do them justice and keep them as safe as possible.


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Itunes Update

With all the moving and whatnot I had misplaced all the files for my itunes, and consequently couldnt do anything with my assorted iParaphenalia, as I like to call it. So today I am re-downloading all my old favorites and re-uploading all my old cds. It brings to mind the term “bittersweet” since I loved all this music so much for so many years. I think I forgot all about the majority of this stuff. Here’s to hoping my old cds aren’t too scratched to read.


Here’s some musical nuggets for you…


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I’m Back!

Well, it was lovely being self-hosted there while it lasted, but I have no need to spend so much money on that… So back to wordpress I go!

I really need to get back into the swing of blogging, and this is a low-impact way of doing that. Back to regular updates on what we are doing. Its been an adventure since the last time I posted on my hosted site. We moved to Pennsylvania from LA, we moved into a house, got new jobs. Life is wayyyyyyy different here, but that’s fine. A little change never hurt too badly for too long.

I am currently working on a wedding cake topper made out of polymer clay and I have about three quilts in the works so I will update again soon!

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